5 Minute Candy (Broiled Grapefruit)

Let me begin by asserting that I am NOT one of those skinny girls who thinks grapefruit is the perfect breakfast. I have never liked grapefruit and thought that people who ate it were crazy. <shudder> Sour and tart and just gross. I have tried several times to force myself into consuming this fruit, mostly when I’m “eating healthy”. Ok, let us just call it what it is…dieting. But I’ve never had success finishing even one. Just not my thing at all. Actually, the only grapefruit I’ve ever enjoyed came in the form of a can of Ruby Red Squirt. Until now. Who knew that a tiny (seriously small) sprinkle of brown sugar and a few minutes basking in the light of my broiler would turn nasty grapefruit into candy. I am not joking. The flesh gets soft, sweet and warm. I don’t know what voodoo magic happened in my oven with this thing, but it was incredible. I may eat it every morning until forever.

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30 Day Shred – Revisited

Some of you may be wondering what happened to my 30 Day Shred posts. Actually, I hope you’ve all forgotten all about it, but I highly doubt that’s true.

I was reminded of it today because one of my girlfriends finished her shred today. I’m really proud of her — way to go Jen! You totally rock. She’s given me some motivation back and I think I’m going to revisit the whole shred thing. With a couple tweaks. [Read more…]

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