30 Day Shred – Revisited

Some of you may be wondering what happened to my 30 Day Shred posts. Actually, I hope you’ve all forgotten all about it, but I highly doubt that’s true.

I was reminded of it today because one of my girlfriends finished her shred today. I’m really proud of her — way to go Jen! You totally rock. She’s given me some motivation back and I think I’m going to revisit the whole shred thing. With a couple tweaks.

1. I know I will not be able to do 30 days straight. With my upcoming schedule, it’s just not possible. So, I plan to start anew, but make my goal 5 shreds a week.
2. I will not weigh myself every day. It was a little discouraging because after the first week’s success, I plateaued…I was feeling trimmer, but not losing weight. And when working that hard daily, I wanted to see the number on the scale changing. Actually, my friend went her entire 30 days without stepping on a scale, she finds out tomorrow morning how she did. I’m not sure that I could go an entire month without a scale check-in…but maybe I’ll try.
3. I will take official body measurements/weight and (gasp) a photo prior to beginning my shred. So that I can see the changes in numbers and photos at the end. Also, I’ll set myself some goals and write them down. Goals beyond “don’t gain 10 pounds in the next month”.
4. I will not attempt to post every day about it – instead, I’ll do a weekly recap. 30 posts that basically say the same thing “Man this is hard…I feel like I’m going to die” just aren’t productive.

Goal number 1. Start tomorrow morning. Weigh-in, measurements and a body shot. Yippee.


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