Pirate’s Punch

There are similar versions of this drink around. Similar, but not nearly as good. You may have heard them called a Bahama Mama, Rum Runner or The Bucket. It's famous in my family as "that thing Lizzy makes that's sooooo good and totally full of alcohol". Lizzy is my baby sister Elizabeth. She's a bartender… Continue reading Pirate’s Punch

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Cosmo Cosmo & The Big Winner!

It's here!! The winner of the Seattle Chocolates giveaway! Hooray! Free chocolate! Thank you for sharing, subscribing and following! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful readers. I wish I could give chocolate to you all. Alas, I have only one bag to give away. So without further delay... Congratulations to Bella who wrote: "I’m… Continue reading Cosmo Cosmo & The Big Winner!


Long Island Iced Tea

I've never really understood the concept of not mixing your liquor. I hear it all the time. It goes something like this. "Oh, I can't have a Cosmo because I've been drinking Mai Tais all night. I don't want to mix my drinks." Tangent...I just realized my cosmopolitan recipe isn't posted on this blog. Horrors!… Continue reading Long Island Iced Tea



If you've been looking for a drink that will make you feel like a superhero, this is it. A drink to make you think you can leap tall buildings in a single bound (or at least lawn furniture). You'll be partying at speeds faster than a speeding bullet and do push ups to show you're… Continue reading Superman


Perfect Margarita On The Rocks

There's a tradition in my family. When someone is getting married, a certain uncle of mine brings the bar. In his Ford Explorer. I've enjoyed several "dry" weddings hanging out in the parking lot with him pouring various beverages to help the party be a little more festive. Actually, this uncle brought his mobile bar… Continue reading Perfect Margarita On The Rocks


Freckled Cosmo

I found a new offering from Ocean Spray in the juice aisle the other day and decided immediately that I needed to make a cocktail out of it. The reason I was so drawn to white cranberry & strawberry juice can only be explained by my strong resemblance to the beverage. White cranberries have a… Continue reading Freckled Cosmo


The Perfect Mai Tai

I went thru a lot of product testing to come up with this recipe. For hours I slaved, tasting batch after batch to ensure a perfect drink experience. The things I go thru for you. Really. I wanted something island-y that would harken me back to days spent curling my toes in warm soft sandy… Continue reading The Perfect Mai Tai


Hot Monkey

Holy strong drink Batman. I gave this baby a whirl the other night and the next thing I knew I was in a banana tinged daze. No idea where the name comes from aside from the obvious fact that you will act like a monkey after drinking one. And I do mean one. Good luck… Continue reading Hot Monkey


Tom Collins

Oh joy! Rapture! It's finally here. The day I can purchase hard alcohol from a supermarket. More specifically, from Costco. To celebrate, I went out and purchased a large bottle of gin. It's the base for many of my husband's favorite drinks. Including this one. There's some debate on whether I should call this a… Continue reading Tom Collins



Sangria is about the only way you can get me to drink red wine. I'm just not into it. Add enough fruit and sugar and then I'm all over it. This recipe is bursting with fruity goodness along with a healthy dose of rum. Enough rum to cover up the red wine taste. Perfect for… Continue reading Sangria