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White Bean and Chicken Chili

Sometimes you learn lessons from your kids that are subtle and nuanced. The munchkins don't even know how insightful they are. Then there's my daughter, who draws you a picture to show you how keen her mind is. And that picture changes you. This happened to me as I was making dinner recently. I've debated… Continue reading White Bean and Chicken Chili

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Sweet Spritz

Finally! I have found the ultimate solution to my spritz cookie dilemma. You may remember that last year when I posted this recipe, I admitted that I have a little trouble with the cookies flattening out. That I thought it might be the recipe, but as I'm the fourth generation to make them (and they… Continue reading Sweet Spritz


Bakerlady Gifts

I'm so very blessed. My family knows exactly what I like. And this Christmas I got a ton of new Bakerlady toys. Including (drumroll please) a 3/4 cup measuring cup! Woo-hoo!! I can't wait to try out some of the recipes in my new cookbooks! There are a couple cookie recipes that look really interesting.… Continue reading Bakerlady Gifts

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Not “Doren” – Banana Cream Pie

My dad is the best in the world. You only think yours is, because you didn't have mine. I love him and he's amazing. We had a special time together as a family tonight to celebrate my dad's birthday. Instead of cake, I made him his favorite - Banana Cream Pie. I was going to… Continue reading Not “Doren” – Banana Cream Pie

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Pear and Feta Salad

The dressing on this salad is out of this world. I wanted to eat it with a spoon. It is a little sweet and a little tangy and mixes perfectly with the richness of the feta and crisp sweetness of the pears. Fabulous! I messed with the original recipe a bit because of family food… Continue reading Pear and Feta Salad

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Baked Chicken Kiev

When I asked my dad what he wanted for his birthday dinner, he responded with a gleam in his eye "I love chicken Kiev". I'd never even heard of chicken Kiev before, so I went to work finding the perfect recipe for it. Nothing I found seemed quite right on its own however, so I… Continue reading Baked Chicken Kiev

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“Jessicas” – Meringue Mushrooms

Ok, I know - the title of this post made you go "WHAT?!". I'll totally admit that I never would have tried this recipe on a title only description. A unique set of circumstances led me to make these - and I'm really glad I did. Today I made some banana cream pies and as… Continue reading “Jessicas” – Meringue Mushrooms


30 Day Shred – Day 7

One week down. What's amazing to me is that with Jillian's 30 Day Shred, the time I spent working out this week - the entire week - equals about the length of time I used to spend in two workouts at the gym. I wasn't super careful about my food this week. Aside from trying… Continue reading 30 Day Shred – Day 7

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“Zacharies” – Super Peanutty Peanut Butter Cookies

It is a well documented fact that my husband (Zachary) is not a fan of sweet things. Cookies, cakes, fudge, candy - none of it tempts him. It drives me crazy. However, even his lack of a sweet tooth cannot resist my peanut butter cookies. Probably because they are so nutty and awesome, rather than… Continue reading “Zacharies” – Super Peanutty Peanut Butter Cookies

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Netbook Equals More Blogging

Fantastic! Got a netbook from Santa today and I have high hopes that the new (adorable) pink computer will equate to many more blogs in the future. Part of my problem recently is that playing with my kiddos requires my presence in the playroom - which is a full floor away from the computer. Not… Continue reading Netbook Equals More Blogging