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Double Brown Sugar Butter Glazed Banana Bread Scones

Someday I will learn how to manage a bunch of bananas. Meaning, I'll buy just the right amount that are exactly the correct ripeness so as not to have two or three that go brown on me before they're eaten. Until that day comes, I have to figure out new and exciting things to do… Continue reading Double Brown Sugar Butter Glazed Banana Bread Scones

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Bakerlady Scones

I've posted this recipe before, but I have a lot of new readers who may have missed it. This is my absolute most requested treat. I have never had a better scone.  Seriously. You may think "a scone is just a scone", but you are wrong. You only think that because you've never had mine.… Continue reading Bakerlady Scones

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Glazed Cinnamon Raisin Scones

We got new neighbors last weekend (total bummer to be moving New Year weekend) - and I've been waiting until the dust settles next door to bring over some baked goodies and say "hello!". My super awesome talented cousin posted this recipe on her blog today and I decided it was perfect for saying "Welcome… Continue reading Glazed Cinnamon Raisin Scones

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Double Glazed Pumpkin Scones

At MOPS on Thursday, my friend Bethany brought awesome pumpkin scones. They got me in the mood to bake some myself. Now, my normal scones are amazing and I love the recipe. I've just never been super comfortable trying to alter it to a pumpkin scone recipe because there are already so many wet ingredients… Continue reading Double Glazed Pumpkin Scones

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Lemon Curd

I was inspired to make this lemon curd by three things. 1. My cousin Shannon posted this recipe on her blog. We both love -- they have awesome stuff there. 2. I have several lemons rapidly getting closer to serving no purpose but attracting fruit flies. 3. Lemon curd is awesome and delicious. I'll… Continue reading Lemon Curd

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More scones

As per most get-togethers, I was asked to bring my scones to this weekend's bridal shower. However, there was some discussion as to which variety. My two sisters wanted chocolate chip as well as blueberry scones. But my nanny and mom are partial to the cranberry orange version. So - I made all three. Since… Continue reading More scones

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Tonya’s Super Fantastic Scones

I have pretty much become famous off these scones - at least in my small corner of the world. My sisters ask me to bring them to anything they can: camping trips, brunches, bridal or baby showers, Mother's Day, treat-day at school. You name it, I'm asked to bring these. The sour cream and baking… Continue reading Tonya’s Super Fantastic Scones