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Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

My first experience with fish tacos was in Maui. My husband and I went to a little dive in Kihei and drank Mai Tais and enjoyed numerous fish tacos. It was bliss. I was hooked (ha-ha-ha) at first bite (ok, I'll stop now). Since returning from our second honeymoon, I've tried recreating the delicious spice… Continue reading Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

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Fabulous Four Bean Salad

Full of bright colors, tang and texture, this bean salad is sure to be a hit at your next get-together. This salad requires a little time to hang out at the vinegar dressing dance party (aka: in your fridge), but if you know your way around a can opener, you throw the salad together in… Continue reading Fabulous Four Bean Salad

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Frosty S’mores Cups

Summer is here!! Time for long evenings watching the waning rays of sun disappear behind shadowed evergreens, enjoying a cocktail as the day slips away. Family, friends, cookouts and s'mores! It is no secret that I love s'mores. But sometimes, I want the flavor without having to fire up the flames. I love this easy… Continue reading Frosty S’mores Cups

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Sweet & Sour Chicken Slaw

I got this recipe out of a BHG magazine and I absolutely love it. Kick up your standard boring coleslaw with the addition of sweet apples, tender chicken and a great dressing. It all comes together in a flash, perfect for the 4th of July and summer BBQ's! This is also an incredibly light meal… Continue reading Sweet & Sour Chicken Slaw


Ghirardellis Caramel S’mores

No, this isn't a "real" recipe. Just something I want to share with you all since campfire season is upon us. And that means kicking back listening to the crackle of wood burning and being mesmerized by logs turning to coals. I have to give a shout out to my amazing father. The beautiful stone… Continue reading Ghirardellis Caramel S’mores

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Mixed Berries with Mascarpone-Limoncello Cream

As a special treat this week, I got to help my mother prepare for my sister's birthday party. I don't know why it took until I was in my 30's for us to team up throwing soirées, but I'm so glad we finally got our acts together. We both love to cook and bake, and… Continue reading Mixed Berries with Mascarpone-Limoncello Cream

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Orange Creamsicle Cookies

What's orange and white and delicious all over? Ok. Besides candy corn. Creamsicles!! Fresh orange sherbet with creamy vanilla ice cream. Cold and melty and just perfect. For summer. So why am I making a creamsicle cookie in the midst of a snow threat? Well, it's simple really. During the winter I keep my house… Continue reading Orange Creamsicle Cookies

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Strawberry Shortcake

Today is the first day of Spring. Yippee! Spring means longer (hopefully warmer) days, long walks, blooming flowers, chirping birds and that Summer is just around the corner. Today was a picturesque Spring day in the Pacific Northwest. Gorgeous. Really, I don't think people who live anywhere else (except maybe Wales) can appreciate a crisp… Continue reading Strawberry Shortcake