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Attempted Blogging

My husband has been after me for months to create a blog.  So, here it is.

It’s not like I have enough to do already. I’m a stay-at-home mom running after a very active two year old and delighting in a very mellow 8 week old.  My days are filled reading books, chasing, hugging, changing diapers and being fed all varieties of strange play food (pancake-butter-pea-banana-bacon soup anyone?).  Somewhere in there I’m usually attempting to clean up the hurricane my daughter leaves in her wake. I don’t stress about keeping a clean house though. My theory is, there will always be messes to clean – but the moments I have with my kids are fleeting.

My life is not really exciting, just filled with people. It’s amazing how full a life can be just with a few relationships – mine has dozens. I’m the second of four girls, with a brother thrown in as well. My parents are still married after 30 years and still madly in love. My family is close – I talk to my mom just about every day. Actually, maybe the reason I’ve finally started this blog is because my daily chats with mom are on hold currently while she’s vacationing in Mexico. There’s always someone in the family with some kind of drama going on. People are like that. Sickness, health, boyfriends, girlfriends, friend-friends, coming, going. Either we’re up or down – and if you get enough people together, someone has something to talk about that’s either shocking or fascinating or maybe even a little absurd. Usually I’m in the midst of somebody’s drama. It’s not always big – but it seems like there’s always something.

I used to be a worker bee in a giant financial institution. I enjoyed my career and was pretty good at it, but I’ve found since staying home that I’m equally good at taking photos, baking and organizing the logistics of a household.

Mostly I just want this blog to be a window into the work of living. Nothing extraordinary – just a commentary on mommy-hood, family, relationships…life.

Times interrupted by kiddos while writing this blog: 2


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