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So, it is the season of lent – the 40 days between “Fat Tuesday” and Easter. A time to reflect, pause and reset your priorities putting your relationship with God at the forefront. Many people give something up for lent. Chocolate, alcohol, beef etc. The thing you sacrifice for lent is supposed to enable you more time to pray, to spend with God and with family. My mom was raised Catholic – and I’ve been a Christian my whole life. I’ve never given anything up for lent. So this year, I decided to.
I’m currently trying to lose the 40+ pounds I packed on during my recent pregnancy, which means I’m already watching my diet pretty closely. Well, as closely as possible while still forcing in 1800+ calories a day due to breastfeeding my 11 week old son. So, giving up sweets, beef, cheese or any other “bad” food is out. Also, I can’t drink (darn that breastfeeding!) so sacrificing alcohol consumption really wouldn’t be a sacrifice. I currently only watch one TV show a week – who has time for TV with two munchkins to care for and a house to keep clean? So the ever popular giving up TV for lent also wouldn’t really hurt much. I struggled all day yesterday trying to determine the best thing to give up and I finally realized it. Facebook.

Yes. Facebook.

I love Facebok. I change my status so much, it should just permanently read “Tonya is changing her Facebook status”. I love posting photos so all my friends and family can see my kiddos growing…literally. If you flip thru my albums fast enough you can actually watch Madison grow up.  My cousin Daniel recently started posting “Chuck Norris Facts” on his page – which crack me up. I love reading them and trying to top his latest one. I love “fighting” with my Shannon’s fiancee. He always loses. I love the games you can play on Facebook. I have recently re-connected with about a dozen former co-workers on Facebook. It’s just awesome. BUT – it takes up a tremendous amount of my time. Even when I’m not on Facebook, I’m usually thinking about it. “Did anyone comment on my latest status update?” “I wonder if Shannon has posted a new survey in the past 14 minutes.” “Maybe one of the England folks has posted some wonderful news.” It’s a sickness. So, I’m giving it up. 40 days. No Facebook. I changed my status for the last time (for 40 days) yesterday to “Tonya is giving up Facebook for lent. See you all on Easter.”

My sister Amy and cousin Shannon (two of my most frequented Facebook friends) are very upset. Amy told me on the phone last night that she though it was a joke. Apparently she commented on my Facebook page as such. I wouldn’t know because currently it’s been about 19 hours since I checked my page. Not that I’m counting. Shannon e-mailed me asking how I could do this to all my friends…a sentiment Amy took a step further by saying I was “punishing her”. I think it’s going to be a good thing. I feel that I’ll talk (really talk) to my friends more because I won’t have the lazy out of just checking their Facebook pages to see how they are. Maybe I’ll actually plan get-togethers. You know, see people in the real world.

It’s already serving it’s purpose too.  Yesterday afternoon I thought about getting on Facebook about 19 times. Every time the thought entered my head I prayed. Already this morning I’ve covered my entire family in prayer and I can only imagine I’ll be praying for them a lot more thru the days to come. Also – I finally folded the 5 loads of laundry that have been piling up in my bedroom for the past week. Folded and put them away. An amazing feat. Yes, I think giving up Facebook is going to produce great things.

But I do miss it. Really really miss it.


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