B v ~B

Twelve years ago I went on my very first first date. It was also my last first date. I was reminiscing this morning and thought I’d share this with all of you.

First of all, Zack was (still is) a genius. He didn’t just ask me out. He made me work for it. He caught my interest by engaging my mind. Something I love about him to this day. We were both taking the same logic class from Paul Herrick at Shoreline Community College. Zack used our coursework in class to come up with this original logical argument for asking me out. He asked me if we could meet one morning before class to work on a problem he was having. It was brilliant of him. I was hooked from the very beginning.

1. C & S
2. M v D
3. A & P
4. B v ~B
5. ? /{[(C & S) & (M v D)] & (A & P)} ⊃ [~B ⊃ (Z v N)]

I know some of you are thinking “Man, this girl is a total nerd if something like that did it for her.”. The funny thing is, because Zack had read ahead in the book beyond where we were in class at that point, I was struggling to “help him” with this problem. I felt determined to figure it out. He told me that what he thought he needed to solve the problem was ~B, and that, since it was an actual argument, maybe if I knew what the letters all stood for, I could help him get the ~B.

So, here’s the argument, as he laid it out that morning in plain English.

1. Tonya is a Christian and she is smart.
2. Tonya is a music major or a dramatic actress. (I was in fact, a music major)
3. Tonya is attractive and has a great personality.
4. Tonya either has a boyfriend or does not have a boyfriend.
5. Therefore: Tonya is a Cristian and she’s smart & a music major or a dramatic actress & Tonya is attractive and has a great personality, then if Tonya doesn’t have a boyfriend then Zack will ask her out on a date or at least get her phone number.

“So, I guess all I need is to know if you have a boyfriend or not”, he concluded. Yeah. Didn’t I tell you? G-E-N-I-U-S. All of these “truths” in his argument he had observed from class discussions. We’d never even really had personal interaction. His argument was flawless, his execution was perfect. I absolutely loved it. It told me so many things about him, all of them good. He was really smart, paid attention to things (especially concerning me), he saw value in the things I held to be important too and that he was willing to put time and energy into doing something right. Fabulous. We went on our first date a few days later (after he met my dad…and took some grilling), and the rest is history. We’ve now been married 9 1/2 years, have two beautiful children and I am just as impressed with him daily as I was during that very first conversation. Well done honey.


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