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Twelve years ago I went on my very first first date. It was also my last first date. I was reminiscing this morning and thought I'd share this with all of you. First of all, Zack was (still is) a genius. He didn't just ask me out. He made me work for it. He caught… Continue reading B v ~B

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I have been blessed with three sisters. My mom used to call us built-in-friends. She always told us to be nice to each other, because we were who God picked as lifelong relationships for one another. Sometimes it was difficult to follow that advice. Often, it was downright impossible.     I've gone thru ups… Continue reading Sisters

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I can’t leave you alone for one hour!

Earlier this week I decided to make a quick trip to Costco, leaving the munchkins with my husband. When I returned an hour later, I returned to hear the following story from Zack. (imagine a hot 30-something relaying the following) "So, shortly after Donovan woke up, the doorbell rang - I answered it, holding the… Continue reading I can’t leave you alone for one hour!