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I can’t leave you alone for one hour!

Earlier this week I decided to make a quick trip to Costco, leaving the munchkins with my husband. When I returned an hour later, I returned to hear the following story from Zack.

(imagine a hot 30-something relaying the following)

“So, shortly after Donovan woke up, the doorbell rang – I answered it, holding the baby to find a phone salesman standing there”. <insert me asking why he answered the door – considering we have a “no solicitation” sign just to the right of the doorbell> Zack continued “I don’t know why I didn’t just tell him we don’t accept solicitors, but I didn’t. So then the phone guy launched into his schpeel about how we could bundle our phone, internet and cable and save a TON of money. He had our name and address, and said there was going to be a representative in our area and he could just schedule an installation for next week sometime.” <insert me asking incredulously if he signed up for a new “bundled” phone service from someone selling door to door > “No! Well, sort of…let me finish” exclaimed Zack. “So, suddenly the guy was pulling out a form in triplicate and filling in our information. It was only after he walked away that I realized I’d signed us up to switch our service and bundle it all together. So I immediately called Qwest and cancelled the new services – so don’t worry, we’re all good.”

“I can’t leave you alone for one hour without you changing our phone service all around. Good grief!”

As a consequence of cancelling our new services (for which Zack had to pull out our existing phone bills) Zack decided (after seeing the amounts) we are currently paying too much. So for the next day and a half my beloved husband researched just about every single phone company plan, internet option and cable company’s offer to attempt to locate a better setup that what we’ve currently got going. Every few hours he’d come bounding (those of you who’ve ever seen Zack excited know exactly what this looks like) into the family room to tell me about the newest thing he’d found. How they give you an introductory offer for so many months, and then it switches to a new amount – or that such and such company gives you a $100 visa card back when you sign a two year contract. It was hilarious to hear him get all excited about a plan only to be doubly thrilled a couple hours later at a different set of options. Each time I told him with little enthusiasm that whatever he wanted to do was fine with me as long as it didn’t increase our monthly financial obligation for phone, internet and cable. Finally, after exhaustive reading and research, Zack came to a conclusion. Every single other company would essentially make us break even with what we currently pay. So we’re gonna stick with what we’ve got. Awesome.


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