I can’t leave you alone for one hour!

Earlier this week I decided to make a quick trip to Costco, leaving the munchkins with my husband. When I returned an hour later, I returned to hear the following story from Zack.

(imagine a hot 30-something relaying the following)

“So, shortly after Donovan woke up, the doorbell rang – I answered it, holding the baby to find a phone salesman standing there”. <insert me asking why he answered the door – considering we have a “no solicitation” sign just to the right of the doorbell> Zack continued “I don’t know why I didn’t just tell him we don’t accept solicitors, but I didn’t. So then the phone guy launched into his schpeel about how we could bundle our phone, internet and cable and save a TON of money. He had our name and address, and said there was going to be a representative in our area and he could just schedule an installation for next week sometime.” <insert me asking incredulously if he signed up for a new “bundled” phone service from someone selling door to door > “No! Well, sort of…let me finish” exclaimed Zack. “So, suddenly the guy was pulling out a form in triplicate and filling in our information. It was only after he walked away that I realized I’d signed us up to switch our service and bundle it all together. So I immediately called Qwest and cancelled the new services – so don’t worry, we’re all good.”

“I can’t leave you alone for one hour without you changing our phone service all around. Good grief!” [Read more…]

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