30 Day Shred – Day 8

There is a muscle along my outer thigh that I’m pretty sure has never in my life been used as much as in the past 8 days. The squats and lunges that Jillian does in this DVD series are just craziness. Although my thighs are very unhappy, I’m pretty sure they are getting smaller. Which is awesome for me since I’m kind of built like a gymnast (ok, an old, slightly pudgy gymnast). Point being, my legs are very muscular and I have an especially difficult time getting them to look anywhere close to slender.

I got thru today’s shred without feeling like I was going to die. That’s progress. My shoulders are burning though. I’m trying to remember that last Monday when I decided to run home from Bible study, the next day’s shred did not go well. Cause I’m tempted to do the same this week. Except this time, I’ll see if I can borrow my girlfriend’s massive dog – run halfway home and then back with him. I got too much flack last week for running in the dark by myself. There’s no way I’m bringing that on myself again. Then again, maybe I should just leave well enough alone. My shred is doing the job perfectly well – why tack running on top of it?

Yeah. Forget the running. I’m going to stick with the workout plan and not try anything over-the-top like running in addition to all those squats. My thighs just might decide to quit on me.


  1. You should try Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones workout. It’s a very effective workout. After the first time I did it, I literally could not move my shoulders. Also, the Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max is a very efficient workout. Do level one if you’re short on time, and you’ll still feel exhausted.

  2. Do you swear at Jillian when doing the 30 day shred? I did, especially when I moved up to 5 lb weights from my starting point of 3. And I only did Level 3 once…it was a killer. BUT I did gain a lot of muscle from that workout and it made me feel great 🙂

    • No swearing, but my husband says I sound like I’m going to die. And afterward I have to remind myself that I love her – and that I should not stomp on my DVD. I only had 5 pound weights to start. When I got to level 2 and the squats with a v-raise, I went and bought some 3 pounders…just couldn’t cut it with the 5’s on that one. It does make you feel great though!

  3. I don’t swear but I like to pretend I’m punching Jillian during the punching/boxing part in level 1. 🙂 I really need to dust my 30 Day Shred off and start up again. Thanks for some motivation.


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