30 Day Shred – Day 10

A third of the way there!!

I consider myself to be a pretty fit person. My former gym workouts consisted of an hour on the stair master/elliptical machine with a ton of resistance & up to the max elevation, then a half hour of weight training plus 50 squats on an upside down BOSU ball and lots of push-ups (not the girly kind). I frequently ran as well and can pretty easily do around a 9 minute mile for 4+ miles. So, I’m very impressed that on day 10 of Jillian’s Shred I’m still getting whipped. I think it speaks to this program’s ability to allow you to push yourself as hard as you want/can. And I’m not even on the highest level yet!My least favorite move of level 2 is the Pendulum Lunge with a Hammer Curl. Which probably means it is the best one for me. I swear, you do about 50 on each leg. And in between switching legs you do a static lunge with a row for what seems like forever. Granted, I’m all the way down with my leg at 90° but still, you’d think after a few days practice, the thighs would stop quivering thru the whole move. Sheesh!

I put off today’s workout as long as possible because last night I had a horrible food episode that may have included an entire box of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. I know, don’t judge me. I love the blue box. Anyway, I figured the longer the delay between that food and my workout, the better it would be for staving off vomiting. Which, seemed to work out alright. I sent my hubby off to Cubbies with my kids and got to do my shred able to grunt as loud as I wanted, without worrying about waking my napping children.

Tomorrow starts the second third of my program. Within the next five days my goal is to move up to the last level and stay there until the 30 days are up. I’m almost looking forward to it. Almost.


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