Ugly Sweater Party

My cousin is having an ugly sweater party tonight. I’m totally ready. The snowmen on this sweater vest are even fuzzy. I almost feel like a different person in this outfit. I feel out of place in my own skin. It’s an interesting feeling to know that were I to go out in public dressed like this, people’s opinion of me would be different than when I’m rocking my normal jeans and a top. Kind of a cool perspective on things. It’s making me evaluate how I judge others based on appearances. Hmmmm.

Ugly Sweater Party




2 thoughts on “Ugly Sweater Party

  1. Hi,

    you really look – well I cant say it. Lets say funny. I usually dressed my kids like that, when they were muuuuuuch younger. I hope your party was nice in spite of dress-code.
    Have a good time.

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