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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

I was out Christmas shopping all day today with one of my favorite people on earth. My sister Amy. Who is not a shopper. Not at all. She was such a good sport today though and we both finished our lists! Yippee.

We rewarded ourselves with a Mexican dinner at one of our favorite places – where I decided to be adventurous and try something new. The description on the menu read: Cazueta de Carne – Combination of chicken and top sirloin steak sauteed with mushrooms in our special homemade moicajete sauce topped with Monterrey jack cheese. Served with rice and beans, garnished with lettuce, avocado and pico de gallo.

Mmmmmm. It sounded absolutely amazing. Trouble is, after taking my first bite, I felt like my entire mouth was going to explode. Lucky me, Amy is very quick with the iPhone camera and caught the whole delightful experience on video.

I’m not sure why I thought waving my hands around and sucking in air was somehow going to put out the fire in my mouth – but whatever.

The worst part is, the people at this restaurant are super nice. They saw that I wasn’t eating it and took it back to the kitchen to try to de-spice it for me. Not sure what they thought they could do, but after a few minutes, the manager brought it back out for me to try again. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was take another bite – especially with the staff watching me. I mean, I can’t very well gag and suck down soda like my life depends on it when they worked so hard to make it better for me. But, another bite I took, and the few seconds of pretending it wasn’t killing my mouth were torture. I think it actually got hotter. Wow.

Brought it home, where my hubby declared it spicy – but delicious. I’m glad he thought it was hot too. Made me feel like a bit less of a wuss.


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