Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 3

Day Three
Mix one and two: Incorporate the essentials found in the 1st and 2nd day, dropping the baked potato. Eat as much fruits and vegetables that you want to on this day together with your cabbage soup.

Hooray!! Fruit! First thing this morning I had a giant bowl filled with delicious berries of all kinds. Then I plowed thru half a cantaloupe. It was awesome. I was so craving the sweets — managing to get thru yesterday without anything sugary at all was pretty torturous.

Had a snack of an orange and some more cantaloupe. Lunchtime, I grilled up some zucchini with some salt and pepper and added it to a bowl of cabbage soup. I took the suggestion of a friend and added some fresh basil. It worked wonders! I think I enjoyed lunch’s bowl of soup more than I have any of them. Which is great because last night’s dinner bowl I had to choke down.

Additional Snacks: Bowl of pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and blueberries. Bag of carrots. More cantaloupe (it was soooo good…I couldn’t stop eating it).

Enjoyed dinner of another bowl of soup, with the basil and zucchini again. It was really good. Not sure what it is about the basil that makes it so much easier to eat, but I’m diggin it big time.

Bible study tonight while my Maddie girl was at Cubbies (Awanas for little kids) – had some apple slices while hanging with my gals.

Tomorrow is bananas and skim milk – not sure how that’s gonna play out. Thankfully, bananas are a perfect on-the-go food, because I have MOPS, preschool and a wedding rehearsal tomorrow. Totally motivated to stick with it though, as of this morning I’m down almost 8 pounds. Two days and that much weight lost — no wonder people like this plan. I keep having to remind myself that I’m going to gain it all back once I start eating normally again.


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