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Get On The Veggie Train With Your Lollipop

My kids love walking to the mailbox for one reason. It comes in the form of a brightly colored magazine called Clubhouse Jr. Within the pages are stories, life lessons, jokes and activities. They pour over every amazing detail together on the couch and then inevitably have some craft request from within. I am decidedly… Continue reading Get On The Veggie Train With Your Lollipop

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Black Bean Vegetable Soup

Do you ever come back from a few days away and just want a homey, simple meal? I always seem to need a food break after a trip. I spent last weekend camping at my Nanny's cabin. It is my favorite place on earth because there's no cell service, no tv, no internet and a… Continue reading Black Bean Vegetable Soup

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Perfect Roast Chicken and Vegetables

This recipe has been shared before, but it is absolutely one of my FAVORITE dinners to make.  I love roasting chickens. They are so easy. Yes, easy. If you've never roasted a chicken for dinner you are missing out! If the picture in your head requires you to slave over a hot stove, basting and… Continue reading Perfect Roast Chicken and Vegetables

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Chicken Pot Pie

Homemade chicken pot pie rocks my world. It shouldn't even be called the same food as those store bought frozen bricks masquerading as pot pies. You know the ones I'm talking about. Green box. Frozen food aisle. If you think those are tasty, it's because you have never had the pleasure of a real food… Continue reading Chicken Pot Pie

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Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies

For over a week I've been craving chocolate and zucchini. Yes together. No kidding. It's good. Really! I mentioned my mom's chocolate chip zucchini cake in a post just before Easter and I've had a hankerin' for it ever since. Today I realized that I had a lone leftover zucchini hanging in my crisper drawer… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Zucchini Cookies

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Zucchini “Crab” Cakes

I made these delightful "crab" cakes for my kids tonight so that my hubby and I could have Baked Salmon Cakes without worrying about my daughter's seafood allergy. Worked like a charm. Our dinner looked enough like theirs that there was no arguing or whining, and my 4 & 2-year-old chowed down on these cakes… Continue reading Zucchini “Crab” Cakes


Cabbage Soup Diet – Recap

Ah, the wedding is over and it was a great party. Wonderful celebration with family and friends. The bride was GORGEOUS! And I fit into my dress perfectly! Day 6 Beef and Veggies day. As much beef (or chicken) and vegetables as you want along with the soup. I was down 12 pounds the morning… Continue reading Cabbage Soup Diet – Recap


Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 3

Day Three Mix one and two: Incorporate the essentials found in the 1st and 2nd day, dropping the baked potato. Eat as much fruits and vegetables that you want to on this day together with your cabbage soup. Hooray!! Fruit! First thing this morning I had a giant bowl filled with delicious berries of all… Continue reading Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 3


Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 2

Day 2 Make vegetables a big part of day two: You can eat any kind of cooked or raw vegetable as much as you like along with your soup. Try to pile up on leafy dark vegetables while avoiding those dry peas, beans and corn. During supper, a large potato that has been baked in… Continue reading Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 2