Secret Ingredient Revealed

I had some feedback from my sister today. She was not happy that I didn’t share the second secret ingredient in my America’s Test Piggy’s Parlor Buttermilk Pancakes. She wanted to make them and felt they wouldn’t be super awesome if she didn’t know the secret. Just in case any of the rest of you felt the same way – I’ll let you in on the mystery. Most of you probably add it to your stuff already. I know it’s certainly the magic behind all my Bakerlady goods. Below is “Piggy” revealing his secret to “Fox” after years of building trust. This is what makes his pancakes so truly special. Add this to your baked goods and be amazed.

Secret Ingredient

5 thoughts on “Secret Ingredient Revealed

  1. When my hubby and I first got married I had a salt shaker filled with rice that said secret ingredient on the outside. As I made dinner I would add my secret ingredient. By the time we had kids old enough to help with dinner they loved it. I think this is great, brings back fond memories.


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