Seattle Chocolates Truffles and a Giveaway!

This contest has ended. The winner will be announced on Friday, August 31st. Thank you to all who entered, shared, followed, liked and subscribed!

A few weeks back I posted a recipe for White Chocolate Lemon Truffles and lamented the loss of my favorite Seattle Chocolates truffle flavor. Wouldn’t you know it, someone over at Seattle Chocolates read my little blog and I was contacted by their brand manager with an offer to taste some of their newest creations. Sometimes, blogging has its perks! Free chocolate is a pretty sweet deal. Of course, I couldn’t possibly keep all the deliciousness to myself! I also couldn’t stop myself from eating all the amazing truffles they sent me though. Thankfully the kind people at Seattle Chocolates agreed to host a little giveaway. That’s right! Free chocolate for one very lucky reader! Maybe you?! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! Bakerlady’s very first giveaway! Yippee!

Could I possibly use more exclamation points? Forgive me. I’m a little hopped up on sugar today. I’ll tell you the many ways you can enter in just a minute. First, let me talk about what you will win. Seattle Chocolates Cocktail Truffles. That’s right. Cocktail. Truffles. Whoever decided to send me these must regularly read my blog. Truffles that taste like some of my favorite drinks. Oh baby.

Seattle Chocolates was founded in 1992 and specializes in creating delicious new flavors that celebrate the purest all-natural ingredients. They believe chocolate should be savored as the thing that brings joy to the everyday moments in life. With their velvety texture and delicate taste, their truffles melt in your mouth and gratify like no other. There are four flavors in the 5oz bag of truffles you’ll receive. Margarita – the perfect blend of sweet and sour lime margarita with a coarse salt “rim”. All white chocolate. Lemon Drop – sour lemon drop with raw sugar crystals and a creamy finish. All white chocolate. Mimosa – tangy orange with a surprise – all natural pop rock candy that will tickle your tongue like champagne bubbles. White chocolate center in a dark chocolate shell. Cosmo – a refreshing cranberry pucker with a subtle twist of lime. White chocolate center in a dark chocolate shell.

Photo courtesy of Seattle Chocolates

If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be the Mimosa. That orange and chocolate combo, man it’s just delightful. They are all pretty amazing though. But don’t take my word for it! Find out for yourself by entering to win a bag. Seattle Chocolates will ship it to you (within the continental US) in a specially designed package that keeps the chocolates nice and fresh and cold. Mine had an awesome futuristic looking silver wrapper and an ice pack tucked in with the chocolates. Protect the deliciousness!

Entering the contest is easy! You can even get multiple entries in! Here’s how!
1. Subscribe to Bakerlady. Just click the “follow the deliciousness” button on the home page.
2. Like Bakerlady on Facebook!
3. Share Bakerlady on your own Facebook wall! Maybe if a friend discovers the deliciousness and wins, they’ll share with you!
4. Follow Bakerlady on Twitter @mybakerlady.
5. Head on over to Seattle Chocolates Facebook page and like them. Hey, they’re giving away chocolate! It’s the least you can do!

Leave a comment letting me know which of these items you’ve done and you’ll get an entry for each one! That means you have up to five chances to win! I’ll end the giveaway on Thursday, August 30th at midnight and use to select a winner on Friday, August 31st. Good luck!


25 thoughts on “Seattle Chocolates Truffles and a Giveaway!

  1. I am now following you, I already liked you b4 on fb, I “shared” the contest, and went over to seattle chocolates and “liked” them on facebook…

    I am a relatively new to your blog, love it so far…thanks for all the recipes!!!

  2. Hello “Lady”. I have 4 things done. *Subscribe to you. * Like you on FB. *Like Seattle Choc on FB. *And, Share you on my FB wall.

  3. Love your stuff….looking for more stuff for care packages to mail to college..keep ’em coming or maybe a blog entry on them. I did all the stuff but Twitter (no account, no smart phone)…so 4 things out of 5. Thanks. Marianne

  4. I’m more like a stalker….lol I pin, tweet, subscribe via email and FB! Love your posts, and that you also hate feet. I find them a necessary evil myself.


  5. I am now following you, I already liked you b4 on fb, I “shared” the contest, and went over to seattle chocolates and “liked” them on facebook… I LOVE chocolate!

  6. This is terrific! Okay, so, I already follow you on Facebook, & I already subscribe to your newsletter; I have LIKEd Seattle Chocolates, &I now follow you on Twitter. And lastly, I Pinned you, Shared you, & Tweeted. My goodness, I think we need a cigarette! Thank you!

  7. I started following your blog just recently and enjoying it along with facebook. I did go over to Seattle Chocolates and liked them too! I am a true chocoholic!!!! Looking forward to your next post. Kimberly

  8. I followed your blog (I have for a while now.. yum!) and I ‘liked’ the Seattle’s Best FB page. Thanks!

  9. I followed, had already “liked” on facebook, and shared to my timeline. Those look DELICOUS! I’m dying to make your lemon truffles; lemon is my favorite flavor of anything.

  10. Those chocolates sound so good but I’ll never get to taste them since I live in the UK : (

    Love your blog! The recipes are fab : ) xxx

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