Wanna get away?

To fully appreciate the hilarity of this story, you really had to be there. But – you can get an idea of it by watching the below video.

My hubby and I were over at my sister’s home getting ready for an evening of good food, friends, drinks and playing some Wii. Amy and I were about to head to the store to pick up some munchies, when Fred (my youngest sister’s boyfriend) started playing Wii-bowling. After his first roll, Amy realized he did not have the wrist strap attached – and demanded he put it on instantly. He laughed and made some comment about not needing it – but slipped it losely onto his wrist when he saw the look on Amy’s face. In her defense, she has a GORGEOUS flat-screen-plasma-high-def-top-of-the-line television that she spent loads of money on. Then spent a whole bunch of time and energy getting it mounted properly. She loves it. And so do I, because I can come over and watch The Biggest Loser with her…without any commercials – which I know isn’t actually because of the TV, but it’s still really cool.

Anyway – so as we’re arguing about the necessity of the wrist strap and it becomes very apparent that after Amy walks out the door, nobody will continue wearing theirs – Fred bowls again. He cocks his arm back and lets his Wii-ball fly…and with it, the controller goes flying across the room, slamming into the entertainment center. The gasps in the room were deafening as we all turned to look at the TV. I was sure there would be a spiderweb crack running across the formerly beautiful screen. Luckily for Fred, the controller hurtled into the Wii strip…just three inches from the television. The fact that the TV was intact made the situation instantly hilarious. It was quite honestly one of the most ironically funny things I’ve ever been privileged to see. The look of utter amazement on Fred’s face that such a thing could happen in the midst of a conversation about it was just fantastic. Amy’s look of vindication was priceless. We played Wii the rest of the night – and all of us made sure the wrist straps were on and tightened before every turn.

Here’s a tip

During my Easter dinner with family, I heard an astonishing story. Apparently, Oprah told her audience that in light of these economic hard times, we should all band together in a grand money saving strategy and decide only to tip 10-12%. Now, my immediate reaction to this news was horror – my sister is a waitress and I was really quite pissed off for her entire industry that a magnate like Oprah would say something so detrimental to a huge chunk of the population. I mean come on – if you can’t afford the tip, maybe you shouldn’t be eating out? [Read more…]

Would you like some milk with your Oreos?

Last night, I ate almost half a package of double stuff Oreos. It’s true. There. I said it. And I feel better now. Sort of.

It never ceases to amaze me how much I turn to food when I’m feeling totally overwhelmed. I’m not sure why I find comfort in stuffing my face, but I do. It’s really a horrible vicious cycle. I get stressed and moody over the circumstances of my life, so I eat crap that’s only going to land directly on my thighs, which only makes me more grumpy, which in turn heightens my desire for sweet, salty or fatty foods. It’s just bad. It’s also a scientific fact that I’m not the only one: [Read more…]

On Canadian road trips, Lizzy is always right

After a week stuck inside the house with the dreaded-lagumba-disease (the flu), a sometimes ornery two year old, and laundry multiplying by the day, I needed a break. My two younger sisters (Amy and Lizzy) had just the ticket – a day trip to Leavenworth. No – not the prison. The quaint Bavarian village nestled in a valley 2-ish hours away.

We attempted inviting the 4th of us sister’s along, but there was no answer to our repeated calls. Sadness. After waiting about an hour for a call back we decided to head to the grocery store for some much needed road trip sustenance and then hit the highway heading for the mountains. We’d been driving about 40 minutes when Amy decided to break out her amazing, oh so delicious looking strawberry fruit gels (looked like fancy gumdrops). She’d purchased them at the specialty fruit and nut section of the Safeway. Lizzy stated they were going to be horrific and disgusting and we were going to hate them. Nevertheless, I accepted one from Amy and then on the count of three we popped them in our mouths and started chewing. Ugh. I looked across at Amy and saw what I’m sure was a mirror of my own expression of utter revulsion. We both rolled down our windows and chucked the gooey masses out of our mouths – Lizzy laughing in the backseat the entire time. [Read more…]

You smell

After my workout this morning, I headed to the grocery store down the block to pick up the amazing-awesome-totally-can’t-miss bags of onions, potatoes and carrots for only 99 cents each.

As I departed my car and braced myself against the biting wind, I noticed a smell on the air blowing by me. Hot dogs. Oh the delicious spicy smell of roasting hot dogs. My mouth instantly started watering and I felt almost like I’d just had a make out session with my husband. You know, that fuzzy, blurry feeling – like you are moving in slow motion? Yeah. That’s what the smell of hot dogs did to me. Wow. I managed to get myself past the cart where the greasy dude was selling equally (delicious I’m sure) greasy food and into the store.

[Read more…]

Potato vs. French Fry

I’ve been attempting to lose the 40+ pounds I packed on during my recent pregnancy. I’ve been doing pretty well too. Eating right, hitting the gym 5 days a week. But last night – I’d had enough. All I wanted was McDonalds. Their new ad campaign is incredible and has been taunting me for over a week. I wanted a greasy burger dripping with cheese. I wanted french fries drenched in oil and salt. I felt myself going a little mad just thinking about it. We’re currently cutting the fat financially which prohibited me from making a McDonalds run. So, what’s a girl to do?

[Read more…]

Roller Skating

This weekend I went to a birthday party. A roller skating birthday party.  Actually, I took my niece to a roller skating birthday party. Her mom (my older sister) hasn’t been feeling well lately, so in came her auntie to the rescue!! One of my other (I have three) sisters came with me so I wouldn’t be sitting in a lame skating rink all alone with a bunch of moms I don’t know.

On the drive up to pick up my niece I expressed to Amy (my sister) that I wanted to roller skate as well. She looked at me as if I’d grown a third eye and said something like the following “Are you kidding? Do you know how long it’s been since I was on roller skates? We’ll look ridiculous!!”. We decided that it had indeed been a while for both of us since our last roller skating adventure – like 15 years since either of us had strapped on skates of the roller variety. Nevertheless, I wanted to do it. Amy did not. I convinced her by employing all my years of extensive training in negotiation. It was brilliantly done. It went something like this… [Read more…]

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