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Wanna get away?

To fully appreciate the hilarity of this story, you really had to be there. But – you can get an idea of it by watching the below video.

My hubby and I were over at my sister’s home getting ready for an evening of good food, friends, drinks and playing some Wii. Amy and I were about to head to the store to pick up some munchies, when Fred (my youngest sister’s boyfriend) started playing Wii-bowling. After his first roll, Amy realized he did not have the wrist strap attached – and demanded he put it on instantly. He laughed and made some comment about not needing it – but slipped it losely onto his wrist when he saw the look on Amy’s face. In her defense, she has a GORGEOUS flat-screen-plasma-high-def-top-of-the-line television that she spent loads of money on. Then spent a whole bunch of time and energy getting it mounted properly. She loves it. And so do I, because I can come over and watch The Biggest Loser with her…without any commercials – which I know isn’t actually because of the TV, but it’s still really cool.

Anyway – so as we’re arguing about the necessity of the wrist strap and it becomes very apparent that after Amy walks out the door, nobody will continue wearing theirs – Fred bowls again. He cocks his arm back and lets his Wii-ball fly…and with it, the controller goes flying across the room, slamming into the entertainment center. The gasps in the room were deafening as we all turned to look at the TV. I was sure there would be a spiderweb crack running across the formerly beautiful screen. Luckily for Fred, the controller hurtled into the Wii strip…just three inches from the television. The fact that the TV was intact made the situation instantly hilarious. It was quite honestly one of the most ironically funny things I’ve ever been privileged to see. The look of utter amazement on Fred’s face that such a thing could happen in the midst of a conversation about it was just fantastic. Amy’s look of vindication was priceless. We played Wii the rest of the night – and all of us made sure the wrist straps were on and tightened before every turn.

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