Broken, Bruised and Burned

Just thought I’d share this little tidbit from my week. I have sustained the following injuries in the past 7 days.

1. Sunburn – Back of my neck. So bad it almost blistered. Ouch.
2. Vinyl Burns – From jumping down a giant inflatable slide. Elbow and upper thigh.
3. Upper arm cut – From where my arm cuff pinched/rubbed and created a big cut when I was running. Blood. Ugh.
4. Three knife nicks on my hands – From baking/cooking.
5. Punched in the nose – I think it was mostly an accident. My sister nailed me last night while dancing at a club.
6. Broken toe – Also while out last night. Can’t get my foot into a shoe. Major bruising and swollen.
7. Upper arm cuts – Sequins and dancing all night do not mix. My arms look like I was attacked my an angry herd of cats.
8. 2nd degree burn on palm – Grabbed a hot pot after it had just come out of the oven. No oven mitt. Blistered burn across my palm.
9. Poked in the eye – My daughter was flailing her arms around as I buckled her into the car. Bam. Her finger, in my eye.

Now, in general, I am a very clutzy person. But I cannot remember ever having a week where I sustained this number of minor injuries. I would like to not repeat this in the coming 7 days. I would also like to beg God (please please please) to let me wake up in the morning with my baby toe back to normal. I really need that toe to be able to fit into my tennis shoes so I can continue training for my 10K. Also, I’m supposed to be wearing amazing 4 inch heels in a week as I walk down the aisle at my sister’s wedding. So really, the broken toe is just very inconvenient.

A Proud Mommy Moment

Yesterday, as my family sat eating a rare dinner out, I had one of those Mommy moments you aren’t sure if you should be proud of or embarrassed by.

A lady in the booth beside us had a bit of a cold and was coughing. Suddenly my three-year old’s loud voice rang through the restaurant “Mommy! She used her hand to cover her mouth when she coughed!”. “It’s ok sweetie”, I assured Madison as I tried to distract her with a french fry. “No!” she continued forcefully, “You’re supposed to cough like this.”. Maddie then demonstrated how to properly cough into your arm at the elbow, looking pointedly at the woman across from us. “See, like that”, she directed her. I dared a glance over to the other table, gave my best I’m-so-sorry-my-daughter-is-calling-you-out-on-your-poor-coughing-technique look and then verbally apologized as well. Thankfully, the woman was kind and told Madison what a smart girl she was to know the proper way to cover your mouth.

I want to be proud of my little girl for (obviously) listening to me when I’ve instructed her how to keep a cough to herself. At the same time, I certainly don’t want her to think it’s ok to verbally berate perfect strangers in the middle of dinner, or anywhere for that matter. Ah, the great dilemmas of mommy-hood.

Couponing 101

A couple weeks ago, one of the gals at my MOPS table invited me to a couponing class with her. She is a self-proclaimed “crazy coupon lady” who doesn’t purchase things without a coupon. She gets most of her groceries at a huge discount, free – or sometimes even makes money back on the deal. I have never used coupons. Just kind of figured I didn’t have time for it…or, I guess that my time was worth more than the coupons were going to save me. I really haven’t even ever shopped the local ads. If I’m feeling really on top of things, I make a list of meals I’m planning to prepare for the week and then go get the stuff. Usually though, I hit the grocery store on my way home from the gym – pick up a few things for dinner and then repeat a couple times a week. I know this is not the best way to run my grocery shopping, and as a stay-at-home mom, feel like a total underachiever in this area. [Read more…]

You Selfish Little Clod!

This is the true joy in life: Being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one, being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

— George Bernard Shaw

This is quite possibly the best most amazing quote I’ve ever heard. Got it in my new Beth Moore study at church this morning. It piggy-backs on a passage I read last night from Philippians 2:3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. [Read more…]

Look at the View, It’s Pretty

I’ve discovered these past three years of mommyhood that children are often the best teachers in life. Several times a week I’m taught a lesson by my kids, but today I got a good one from someone else’s son. My YMCA is under construction, so I have to walk outside along a path and then up two flights of stairs to get from the drop off for child watch to the actual exercise equipment. As I was heading up the stairs into the weight room this morning, another mom was coming down from the landing with her 7(ish) year old son. As they reached the rail to head down the steps, the little boy stopped “Mommy!” he exclaimed, pointing over the rooftop of the main offices “Look at the view!”. The mother replied as I probably would have “Come on” she said “We’ve got to go”. “But look at the view mommy! It’s so pretty” he tried one more time before realizing his mother was wordlessly walking away without him. He scurried down the steps past me to catch up to her in the parking lot. [Read more…]

“Do you want your pizza?”

This weekend, while shopping for the ultimate present for a little boy turning three, I overheard the following exchange between a mother and her young boy:

Boy: <throwing some kind of fit>
Mother: Come on honey – let’s get your Wii games first.
Boy: Noooooooo, I don’t want to.
Mother: Do you want your pizza?

I was totally appalled. Had this been my mother, we would have been heading out the door straight for a spanking after the first hint of fit-throwing. Certainly I would not have been offered pizza as a prize for complaining about the Wii games I was being purchased. Well, since I played with sticks and rocks as a kid, I’m not actually sure what the appropriate fill-in toy for my age range would be.  I was just very thankful my daughter wasn’t with me to witness this behavior and see it being rewarded. [Read more…]

Caw Caw Roar!!

Last night we celebrated New Year’s Eve with my family. It was awesome. We had wonderful food, delicious drinks, great conversation, lots of pictures and about an hour of dancing in my mom’s living room. It was awesome. One of the highlights of the evening was when my daughter and husband were dancing – suddenly Zack decided to do the wilderness explorer call from the movie “Up”. Madison received it for Christmas and has requested to watch it pretty much ever day since. Watching my wonderful husband break out in an exuberant “The wilderness must be explored! – Caw Caw – ROAR!” and Madison’s delighted return of the call was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen.

My baby girl isn’t feeling that well today – she partied like a rock star last night and is paying for it today. I guess at three years old you aren’t really ready to stay up past midnight, even if your eyes manage to stay open that long. 😦 Right now she’s snuggled into my side on the couch as I type this. She just gave me a half-hearted “Caw Caw ROAR” when I asked her about the wilderness explorers. Nice to know that even when she isn’t completely herself, she is willing to humor me.

I’m not sure that this blog really has a point. I guess if anything it’s to take time to participate in the things your kids love. It absolutely made my daughter’s whole night to have her daddy demonstrate something from her favorite movie. Not just that he knows the line, but that he put all his dramatic training into making it the best wilderness explorer call ever given. Well done honey. ROAR!

The Mean Old Man and the Cool Old Lady

For almost a year my YMCA has been remodeling. In just a few short weeks it will be complete and I’ll have a gorgeous  pool, (eww) hot tub, larger fitness/weight room with treadmills that have TVs attached, more spacious yoga room, additional parking stalls and revamped child watch area. I’m looking forward with great anticipation to the completion of this project because, well, it’s been a major pain in the butt.

First, they fenced off half the already too small parking lot for all the construction equipment. It didn’t bother me too much because I’m going to the gym…is it really a big deal if I have to walk a few extra steps to get inside? Eventually however, the Y’s push for new members caught up with the limited number of parking spots. For several months now I time going to the gym until after 10 o’clock because any earlier I have to park down the street, on the street. I hate getting my kids out with cars whizzing by me. [Read more…]

You Can’t Handle the Truth!

I’ve realized recently that not everyone shares my “honesty is best” policy. The hardest relationships I have are the ones I’m not quite sure are exactly what they seem. Why is it some people seem unable to just be themselves?

Many relationships in my life are somewhat volatile. Not that we fight constantly, yell and scream or beat on each other, just that when something upsets either person – it’s going to be talked about. However inconvenient, wherever we are – whatever it is, “it” is going to be out there . Those conversations aren’t usually exactly pleasant, but they are necessary to preserve an ongoing healthy friendship. After the tears and hugs, I’m usually reassured by these altercations, they let me know that problems are being dealt with. They confirm that my friend (or family member often) is being forthcoming about the things that irk them about me. I don’t have the sense that there are things being left unsaid, or things being said to other people rather than to my face. I know it sounds a little strange, but I’m comforted by honesty – even when it’s not pretty. I would rather have 1 friend who is truthful (even when it hurts) than a dozen who passively placate me just to “keep the peace”. [Read more…]

Netbook Equals More Blogging

Fantastic! Got a netbook from Santa today and I have high hopes that the new (adorable) pink computer will equate to many more blogs in the future. Part of my problem recently is that playing with my kiddos requires my presence in the playroom – which is a full floor away from the computer. Not very conducive to blogging. No, not at all.

I had a completely wonderful Christmas today. Enjoyed my three-year old’s excitement over her new bike, laughed at her equally thrilled expression upon opening her 4 inch tall Strawberry Shortcake doll, kept many cookies away from my little boy, indulged in a few (mmmmm Oreo Truffles) myself, watched my dad and husband play numerous games of pool, conversed with my mom in the kitchen like days of old, was showered with gifts too wonderful and plentiful while basking in the warmth of my family’s love and company. [Read more…]

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