Broken, Bruised and Burned

Just thought I'd share this little tidbit from my week. I have sustained the following injuries in the past 7 days. 1. Sunburn - Back of my neck. So bad it almost blistered. Ouch. 2. Vinyl Burns - From jumping down a giant inflatable slide. Elbow and upper thigh. 3. Upper arm cut - From… Continue reading Broken, Bruised and Burned

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A Proud Mommy Moment

Yesterday, as my family sat eating a rare dinner out, I had one of those Mommy moments you aren't sure if you should be proud of or embarrassed by. A lady in the booth beside us had a bit of a cold and was coughing. Suddenly my three-year old's loud voice rang through the restaurant… Continue reading A Proud Mommy Moment

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Couponing 101

A couple weeks ago, one of the gals at my MOPS table invited me to a couponing class with her. She is a self-proclaimed "crazy coupon lady" who doesn't purchase things without a coupon. She gets most of her groceries at a huge discount, free - or sometimes even makes money back on the deal.… Continue reading Couponing 101


You Selfish Little Clod!

This is the true joy in life: Being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one, being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. -- George Bernard Shaw This is quite possibly… Continue reading You Selfish Little Clod!


Look at the View, It’s Pretty

I've discovered these past three years of mommyhood that children are often the best teachers in life. Several times a week I'm taught a lesson by my kids, but today I got a good one from someone else's son. My YMCA is under construction, so I have to walk outside along a path and then… Continue reading Look at the View, It’s Pretty

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“Do you want your pizza?”

This weekend, while shopping for the ultimate present for a little boy turning three, I overheard the following exchange between a mother and her young boy: Boy: <throwing some kind of fit> Mother: Come on honey - let's get your Wii games first. Boy: Noooooooo, I don't want to. Mother: Do you want your pizza?… Continue reading “Do you want your pizza?”

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Caw Caw Roar!!

Last night we celebrated New Year's Eve with my family. It was awesome. We had wonderful food, delicious drinks, great conversation, lots of pictures and about an hour of dancing in my mom's living room. It was awesome. One of the highlights of the evening was when my daughter and husband were dancing - suddenly… Continue reading Caw Caw Roar!!

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The Mean Old Man and the Cool Old Lady

For almost a year my YMCA has been remodeling. In just a few short weeks it will be complete and I'll have a gorgeous  pool, (eww) hot tub, larger fitness/weight room with treadmills that have TVs attached, more spacious yoga room, additional parking stalls and revamped child watch area. I'm looking forward with great anticipation… Continue reading The Mean Old Man and the Cool Old Lady

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You Can’t Handle the Truth!

I've realized recently that not everyone shares my "honesty is best" policy. The hardest relationships I have are the ones I'm not quite sure are exactly what they seem. Why is it some people seem unable to just be themselves? Many relationships in my life are somewhat volatile. Not that we fight constantly, yell and… Continue reading You Can’t Handle the Truth!

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Netbook Equals More Blogging

Fantastic! Got a netbook from Santa today and I have high hopes that the new (adorable) pink computer will equate to many more blogs in the future. Part of my problem recently is that playing with my kiddos requires my presence in the playroom - which is a full floor away from the computer. Not… Continue reading Netbook Equals More Blogging