Technical Difficulties…Please Stand By

Apparently my computer has picked up some kind of virus. Woe to me. And, to you. I can type out blogs and post them using my little pink netbook, but I cannot edit my photos without my desktop computer. Which means I can’t give you any deliciousness until the stupid thing gets fixed. I mean really, who wants to look at a recipe without any pictures? Not me.

I’ve got my super studly and very technically gifted hubby working on it. But, he has to fix the washing machine first – it started leaking water all over my laundry room two days ago. When it rains it pours right? So please stand by. I’m still baking/cooking lots of fabulous and tempting food and will get the recipes (and photos) to you just as soon as I can.


Tex-Mex Lasagna

Buenos días! Buona Giornata! I love when I can combine my two favorite ethnic flavors. Mexican and Italian. It is molto bene AND muy bueno! This Tex-Mex Lasagna is full of the flavors of your favorite Spanish meal, but made with lasagna noodles instead of tortillas! It is yum, yummy. It is easily turned vegetarian (if you aren’t a carnivore like me) and the whole family will gobble it up! Quick and easy to throw together too!
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Merry Christmas!

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. If you’ve read any of my devotional posts you know my beliefs, but I think Linus absolutely says it best. Well, Linus quoting Luke 2:8-14 anyway. Have a blessed day!

Crippling Dreaded Lagumba Disease

Perhaps you’ve already experienced this for yourself. If so, I’m sorry. I have been couch ridden allowing the DVD player to babysit my children for the past three days. Horrible nasty flu bug that’s going around knocked me flat. Bleah. I’m coming around today and have a thousand and one things to do – as you can probably imagine after that long with a two and four year old running the joint.

Thank you for being patient waiting for more deliciousness. I have some stuff I’m working on that I can’t wait to share with you all. Now that the smell of food doesn’t make me want to gag, I’ll be back in the kitchen.


For a week now I’ve listened to broadcasters, sports reporters, ESPN analysts, coaches and players alike all saying the Hawks had virtually no chance to beat the “Defending Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints”. A perfect storm of circumstances would have to come together in order for the lowly 7-9 Seattle squad to have any remote possibility to overcome the talent of their opposition this week. Here are the most frequent things I heard: [Read more…]

Bakerlady Gifts

I’m so very blessed. My family knows exactly what I like. And this Christmas I got a ton of new Bakerlady toys. Including (drumroll please) a 3/4 cup measuring cup! Woo-hoo!! I can’t wait to try out some of the recipes in my new cookbooks! There are a couple cookie recipes that look really interesting. And some dinners that I know my hubby is going to love. Also in my haul, a food mill, double boiler, two sets of mixing bowls, wooden spoons, got stocked up on sugar, new baking sheets and more measuring cups than I know what to do with. I also got new aprons, potholders and  kitchen towels. I’m totally set. [Read more…]

Ugly Sweater Party

My cousin is having an ugly sweater party tonight. I’m totally ready. The snowmen on this sweater vest are even fuzzy. I almost feel like a different person in this outfit. I feel out of place in my own skin. It’s an interesting feeling to know that were I to go out in public dressed like this, people’s opinion of me would be different than when I’m rocking my normal jeans and a top. Kind of a cool perspective on things. It’s making me evaluate how I judge others based on appearances. Hmmmm.

Ugly Sweater Party




Hey friends. I’ve set up a Bakerlady Facebook page – but (since I’m not paying for my wordpress site) can’t put the “like” button on my widgets. Lame! So…just a little note to tell you that you can head over to Facebook’s pages, search for “Bakerlady” – and find me. Seriously. Totally lame that I can’t put the button up. Oh well.

Technical Difficulties

So, I’m having a bit of a problem with my computer. Well, actually, with my computer screen. It’s dead. It has given up and gone on to a better place. Which means I’m left with my tiny netbook. Which is great to have, but not so fantastic for editing photos.

We’ll be getting a new screen on Sunday and I’ll post the several recipe blogs I have backed up right now. Until then, you’ll have to make due with just my devotionals – since I don’t have to take photos to go with those.

I’m starting my Christmas baking today – which will include about 20 varieties of deliciousness. Many of these recipes are the cookies of my childhood. Items my mom would make every year and pass out on plates to our neighbors. It is one of my fondest Christmas traditions. One that I continue in my own neighborhood now. Can’t wait to share these goodies with you.

30 Day Shred – Injured Reserve

Take me out coach. I’m hurt.

While moving boxes, couches and a 9 foot Christmas tree on Saturday, I managed to tweak my back. Sunday morning I was hurting. Badly. I popped some Advil and muscled thru my responsibilities at church. The dull ache in my back blossomed into a constant wincing pain after I hefted our pulpit up the stairs first service. I did nothing the rest of the day but sit on the couch watching football with a blanket. More Advil got me off the couch for a meeting with out church family, during which I was miserable. I don’t know how people with chronic back pain do it. [Read more…]

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