Look at the View, It’s Pretty

I’ve discovered these past three years of mommyhood that children are often the best teachers in life. Several times a week I’m taught a lesson by my kids, but today I got a good one from someone else’s son. My YMCA is under construction, so I have to walk outside along a path and then up two flights of stairs to get from the drop off for child watch to the actual exercise equipment. As I was heading up the stairs into the weight room this morning, another mom was coming down from the landing with her 7(ish) year old son. As they reached the rail to head down the steps, the little boy stopped “Mommy!” he exclaimed, pointing over the rooftop of the main offices “Look at the view!”. The mother replied as I probably would have “Come on” she said “We’ve got to go”. “But look at the view mommy! It’s so pretty” he tried one more time before realizing his mother was wordlessly walking away without him. He scurried down the steps past me to catch up to her in the parking lot. [Read more…]

Getting gorgeous – at what cost?

I just read an article online called “Get Gorgeous in 4 Weeks” – it was a main link on Yahoo’s homepage. I cannot believe the ridiculousness of it. Included in the article were “four weeks’ worth of purifying, indulgent, get gorgeous ideas”, which is a fine idea, but as I started to read, I realized something. For each days’ idea, there was a product suggested for achieving the goal listed. I started adding up the costs when I got to day 8.  Here’s what I tallied for the 28 days of beauty:

$833.50 – which did not include the following (which had no prices listed)
– Hair appointment with your stylist
– Seeing a vein specialist to get those legs summer ready
– Brow shaping
– Perfume
– Using the concierge to schedule a spa day for you and your girlfriends

Now I’m no beauty expert, but I’m sure I can come up with some stuff that fits the 4 categories included in the article for less than $800+. [Read more…]

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