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MOPS Round-up

I had a wonderful group of ladies over tonight. We enjoyed sharing our ideas, passions and experiences and talked about next year's MOPS group. We also had food. Lots of it. For those who were there, thank you for your servant's hearts, enthusiasm, questions and support. I am so excited to take this journey with… Continue reading MOPS Round-up

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Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Happy Easter! These little candies are perfect for giving to some-bunny you love. They also make egg-ceptional Easter basket items! Hop some over to your neighbors, they'll love you forever! Oh, I crack myself up...ok, enough with the egg jokes. The peanut butter mixture is very crumbly, add the milk until you can pick up… Continue reading Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

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It's Peeps season! Spring is here, the sun is partially out, Easter is just around the corner & the cherry trees are blooming. Which, incidentally means my poor hubby's allergies have kicked in. Poor guy. Every grocery store has boxes and boxes of Peeps lining their featured shelves. Yellow! Pink! Purple! Bunnies & chicks...there they… Continue reading Peeps

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Game Night Treats

I'm so excited for the return of game night with my church small group. We have a great time together with food, laughter, games and just enjoying each others company. I went to some easy comfort food treats tonight. Nothing fancy or new, just good hang out snacks. Since I've posted them both before, I'm… Continue reading Game Night Treats



Turtles (so named because of their cute turtle shape) are delicious. You can buy a box of them for about $20. Or, you can make them yourself for WAY less without much effort at all. Today I used up the remainder of a bag of caramels, and only had pecan pieces (which I just made… Continue reading Turtles

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Simple Caramel Apples

Yesterday I went in search of caramels to make my Halloween tradition, Caramel Apples. I had to visit three stores before I found one that had them in stock. It was very frustrating - but, these babies are totally worth the irritation. You can go crazy with decorating caramel apples...drizzle with melted chocolate, rolled in… Continue reading Simple Caramel Apples