Disneyland Prep

In about 37 hours I will be boarding a plane bound for the happiest place on earth. I am totally excited. Actually, excited doesn’t even begin to cover it.

As a stay-at-home mommy, my world is my kids. Making sure they are fed, clothed and happy is pretty much all I do every day. They are my first thought when I wake up. Usually either “Did I make Donovan bottles last night?” or “Quick! Out of bed – get to Madison and put her on the toilet before she pees.” They fill my days with giggling, play, laundry, toys, diapers, tiny sandwiches, puffs and stickers. They are my final thought as I hit the pillow and fall into exhausted dreamless sleep. My kids are the reason I want to be kind to others, not yell obscenities when a driver cuts me off and answer absurd questions multiple times a day. I want them to be kind. I want them to understand the intricacies of the world. I don’t want them to be the type of horrible drivers that litter our roads. Most of the time being a mom is absolutely delightful. However, the thought of getting to be just Tonya for six whole days is amazing.

I very rarely get to be “just me” anymore. I’m always wearing some other label. I am a mother, trophy wife (ha-ha), chauffeur, chef, personal shopper, housekeeper, jungle gym, hair-dresser, sock finder, boo-boo kisser, accountant, janitor, dietitian, teacher, travel agent, dancing princess, secretary, landscaper, trainer, manicurist and tailor. Six days filled with great food (not prepared by me), fun (not coordinated by me), lying by a pool (not blown up and filled by me), entertainment (not provided by me) and housekeeping (not serviced by me) while laughing and hanging out with two of my very best friends/sisters is almost more happiness than I can handle. Almost.

Disneyland makes me feel like a kid again. Really truly the bliss of childhood. Having someone else care for you – make sure you’re having a wonderful time is a treasure we don’t often experience as adults. Especially as a moms. Disney does a phenomenal job of making every single one of their guests feel as though the park is open just for them. Whatever training they give the employees (cast members) at Disneyland is top notch because they all seem to take very seriously the business of enabling visitors to have a supremely enjoyable vacation. I’m so thankful for that. Even today – when my sister called to confirm our in-the-park hotel reservation and re-request the room type we’d like – the gal on the phone was overly nice and told Amy to drive safely if that was how we were coming to visit them. Wonderfulness.

I still have bags to pack, lists to make for my hubby and child-sitter-girlfriend Bethany and a dozen little chores to do – but I feel the spirit of a Disneyland vacation settling on me already. I know that in (quick check of my countdown clock) a little over 36 hours I’ll be catching a few winks as my plane heads south to California – that knowledge just makes my mommy duties for today and tomorrow seem a little less daunting. Thanks Walt.


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