Top 10 Drinks for Summer

It’s the last day of school in my area. Time for relaxing by the pool during the day, languid summer evenings, beach parties, bar-b-ques and camping trips. It occurred to me the other day that while I’ve shared many of my favorite drink recipes in the past few years, it might be nice to compile them all in one post. So here it is, just in time for summer frolicking. My great big Top 10 Drinks for Summer list!

Top 10 Drinks for Summer! - Bakerlady

If you want to get straight to making some of these drinks, just print the recipes out right NOW!

We start with the Lemon Drop. Perfectly balanced tart and sweet. Refreshing and delicious!

Perfect Lemon Drop - Bakerlady

Now the Sex In The City classic, the cosmopolitan. Cosmos should be a gorgeous pink with a hint or orange and lime. The darker the color, the more cranberry juice is in there. More cranberry = less vodka = me no likey. I’ve also made these freckled, and clear. But the original is my favorite.

Cosmo - Bakerlady

After two vodka recipes, I’m ready for some rum. The original daiquiri was made in 1898 and is perfection to this day.

Daiquiri - Bakerlady

Now for some gin. My husband’s favorite refreshing summer cocktail, a Tom Collins. Or, you can call it a Gin Fizz — the only difference is if you shake it or stir it.

Tom Collins - Bakerlady

If you are into healthy drinks (if there is really such a thing), this pomtini is just right for you. Pomegranate is a super food right? Doesn’t that make this drink good for you?

Powerful Pomtini - Bakerlady

No summer would be complete without a good party punch. There are similar versions of this drink around. Similar, but not nearly as good. You may have heard them called a  Bahama Mama, Rum Runner or The Bucket. I call this Pirates Punch – because it’ll make you walk (and talk) like a pirate before your first one is empty.

Pirate's Punch - Bakerlady

I highly recommend taking a batch of this Perfect Margarita to your next summer get-together. If I can make them in the back seat of a car, you can no matter where you’re hanging out.

Perfect Margarita On The Rocks - Bakerlady

Iced tea and summer go together like…well, like summer and iced tea. You really shouldn’t have one without the other. This Long Island Iced Tea is an absolute necessity of summer. Trust me.

Long Island Iced Tea - Bakerlady

If you happen to enjoy a summer (or year-round) regular poker game, you absolutely must try this Dirty Vodka Martini. It’s really just an excuse to eat olives. And it’s simply perfection.

Dirty Martini - Bakerlady

Last, but not least in my Top 10 Drinks for Summer is a truly summery fru-fru drink. Blue Ballz. Full of pineapple, and fruity flavors, with enough punch to make any summer evening delightful good fun.

Blue Ballz - Bakerlady

Gotta add an honorable mention that didn’t quite make the cut for my summer drinks list. It’s a classic, and I don’t have a whiskey drink on my list – so for you whiskey drinkers…here’s a Washington Apple Martini recipe.


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